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The French Guerilla.

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the blockage of french warships

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Q: What prevented the British from being rescued by the British navy?
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Which country assisted the US army and navy at Yorktown Virginia?

It was the French Navy that sealed the deal. They prevented the British Navy from being able to support their troops, or help them escape. The British were forced to surrender or risk being destroyed.

Name the battle in which the patriots finally defeated the british?

The Battle of Yorktown was the big defeat. The American forces and managed to corner the British Army on a peninsula. The French Navy prevented the British Navy from being able to rescue them. The results was the surrender of the British.

In what American Colony did the battle of Yourktown occur in 1781?

{| |- | Yorktown is in Virginia. There is a large peninsula along the river. The British Army was caught here when the French Navy prevented to British from being able to get on the British ships and escape. |}

What was the patriots strategy for defeating b the british at Yorktown?

George Washington and his forces which included French soldiers had the British in a bad position on Yorktown. Washington and the French prevented the British from breaking through Washington's lines and the French navy prevented a British naval rescue of their comrades at Yorktown.

Is Royal Navy also called British Royal Navy or Royal British Navy?

Yes, the Royal Navy is also referred to as the British Royal Navy or the Royal British Navy.

Which nation 'changed the tide of war' by supporting the American Colonies during the American Revolution?

The support of France was an important factor. The French Navy had a large affect on the surrender at Yorktown, as they prevented the British from being able to evacuate by sea. Lafayette was a big help.

Was Sir Francis Drake an Italian mapmaker?

No. He was British, hence the "Sir". He was the Vice Admiral of the British Royal Navy who commandeered the navy against the Spanish Armada and won the navy battle through his tactics, despite being heavily outnumbered.

The US Navy rescued Captian Richard Phillips from real-life pirates off the coast of which African nation?

{| |- | It occurred off the coast of Somalia. The Captain and the pirates were in a lifeboat being towed by the Navy. A team of Navy Seal Snipers stationed on the fan tail of the ship took out the pirates. |}

What was the british powerful navy?

The Royal Navy.

What was the british navy called?

The Royal Navy.

What was the redcoats navy?

The British Royal Navy

Why were sailors deserting the British Navy. To join the American navy?

Conditions in the Royal Navy were awful, which lead some sailors to desert the British navy and join the American navy. Many American sailors were taken hostage by the British.