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eh le3ama ma 7ada beya3ref jaweb


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He believed that having a good government made the people good.

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Q: What problems did Confucius have with the government?
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The government established under the han dynasty was based on the ideas of?

Confucius and a booty hair

Confucius believed government should be run by?


How did teachings of Confucius affect Chinese government?

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What was Confucius political thought?

that there government suck and that they he should be empire

What is one place in the US government that you see Confucius influence?

The one place in the US government where you can see the influence of Confucius is in the judicial branch. In this portion of the government, the law is blind to all influences and a person is judged by his peers.

Was emperor Confucius popular or not?

Yes. But, Confucius was not the emperor of China. He was a teacher and philosopher and sometimes government official. His students revered him and his ideas became the intellectual foundation of Chinese culture. And Confucius was taught in China

How did Confucius's ideas change the Chinese government?

peanut butter and jelly

What was Confucius only true essential about the government?

people have faith in their rulers

How did Confucius help shape Chinese government?

they wereshiped there cow budda.

The government of the ming dynasty officially followed the teachings of which person?


Whose teachings did the Chinese have to study to hold a government job?


The Confucius Institutes are non-profit institutions aligned with the government of what country?

The Confucius Institute are non-profit institutions are found all over the world now, but originally they are found to be aligned with the government of China.