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Texas has a number of problems. While the economy is strong, most of the jobs created pay low wages and have few benefits; thus, there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor. Also, due to budget cuts, many poor people cannot access the services they need, especially in health care. Texas has problems with high rates of teen pregnancy, and some of its schools have very low graduation rates.

The population of Texas also has a severe weight issue; at least 30% of Texans are obese based on self-reported data, and this percentage is projected to double by 2030.

The state government is highly decentralized in Texas; the governor has very little power, and can only veto bills of the Legislature, or grant pardons for crimes in very specific circumstances. This means that all state and local judges and most high-ranking state officials are elected based on their political party, rather than appointed on merit.

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Q: What problems does Texas have right now?
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