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The direct initiative reform

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Q: What progressive reform allows citizens of a state to propose and pass a law without involving their legislature?
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What is a way to ammend the Constitution?

formal- congress propose/ national convention propose---- then state legislature/state convention can ratify

What is the term for an electorate's right to draft legislation?

The term for an electorate's right to draft legislation is called "initiative." It allows citizens to propose new laws or amendments to the Constitution through a petition process, bypassing the legislature.

Initiative referendum and recall?

Initiative allows citizens to propose new laws or changes to existing laws through a petition process. Referendum allows citizens to vote directly on a proposed law passed by the legislature. Recall allows citizens to remove an elected official from office before their term is up through a special election.

Process by which citizens can propose legislation and submit it to the voters of the state?


What is the process by which citizens can propose legislation and submit it to the voters of a state?


What allows citizens to propose and approve changes in law?

Stationary initiative

How can the state legislature propose an amendment the Constitution?

Go out and get 35 of the 50 states to agree with the future amendment

Progressive proposal to allow voters to bypass state legislatures and propose legislation themselves?


Did roger sherman propose a two-house legislature as a compromise between the small states and the large states?

Yes, he did.

This form of direct democracy allows ordinary citizens to propose laws?


What kind of work is done by a legislature?

The work done by a legislature is to legislate. They propose, discuss, debate and make laws. The full legislature votes to make this work into Laws. They also should work with the US President so he does not veto the work they did.

How can the constitution be added to or altered?

By amandments.Propose an Amendment:i. 2/3 of both houses of Congress vote to propose an amendment.ii. 2/3 of state legislature ask congress to call a national convention to propose amendmentsRatify an Amendment:i. ¾ of state legislature must approve new amendmentii. ¾ of states must approve it