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They must live in the state they represent

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Q: What qualification do both houses of congress have in common?
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A solution passed by both houses of congress is called?

A solution passed by both houses of Congress is called a Joint Resolution.

Which document proposed that both houses of Congress would be based on population.?

The Virginia Plan proposed that both houses of Congress would be based on population.

Is congress another name for house of representatives?

no. congress is a name for both of the houses. senate and the house of Representatives are both called congress. :)

What is the age requirement for both houses of congress?


How many members are there in the congress in both houses?


When a bill passes in both houses of Congress to whom is the bill sent for final approval?

After a bill passes both Houses of Congress it goes to the President for the final signature.

What house of congress make the laws?

Both houses can propose laws but they must be approved by both houses and the president.

When cogress veto with two thirds vote from both houses what is it called?

when congress veto from both houses this is called

What was president lyndon b Johnson able to do that president Kennedy failed to do?

help democrats to capture both houses of congressto get congress

How does a bill become a law in both houses of congress?

If both houses of Congress pass the bill, it is sent to the President. If the president signs it, is becomes the law. If the President does not sign it, or actively vetoes it, it goes back to Congress. If it is passed by both houses of Congress again, it automatically becomes law, although override of a President's veto is realtively uncommon.

What are the Shared Powers Of COngress?

Both houses of Congress have the power to pass legislation. Revenue bills must start in the House of Representatives, but they must pass through both houses.

Both houses of Congress are organized according to what system?