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He doesn’t seem to be representing anyone? Kentucky is suffering financially and physically while M.M. digs his heels in to obstruct passing the stimulus. It’s not his business if you buy groceries, pay rent, or hold on to it? M.M....spend yours on bubble gum if you want! Let the people who need it have it. Cap it at $75,000 net pay. Just do something?

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He represents Kentucky.

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Get Fid of Him!

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Q: What state does Mitch McConnell represent in the senate?
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What state does Mitch McConnell represent?

He represents Alabama

What is Mitch McConnell famous for?

Mitch McConnell, whose full name is Addison Mitchell McConnell, is best known as the senior United States Senator from the state of Kentucky. He has served as the Senate Minority Leader since 2007.

What state is Mitch McConnell from?

Richard Durbin

Who is the minority floor leader in the senate?

The current House majority leader is Steny Hoyer, while the current House minority leader is John Boehner my answer is: it is now 2014 and Boehner is Majority leader and Pelosi is Minority leader. this changes with the make up of each Congress

What state does mccain represent in the senate?


What state does maccain represent?

Assuming you mean which state does McCain represent in the U.S. Senate, he represents Arizona.

What is represent government?

Each state has a senate that vote for them>

Who is California's state senate?

The state senate is the upper house of the California legislature. The president of the state senate is Gavin Newsom. The senators of the California that go to the Senate to represent the state are Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.

What determines how many state senators represent Iowa in the US senate?

Each state has 2 senators in the US senate.

What parties are the senate majority and minority floor leaders with?

On October 10, 2007: Senate majority floor leader is a Democrat; Senate minority floor leader is a Republican. This may or may not change in the near future. The answer depends on which party held the most seats after the last election; if any senators died in office and were replaced by their home state Governor - who may or may not be from the dead senator's political party; if a senator happens to switch political parties after election (which has hapened).

What state did John Q Adams represent in the senate?


What does a member of the senate represent?

represents the whole/entire state