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The Appalachian mountains only run through the Blue Ridge Mountain region in Georgia. When you look at a map, only a tip of the mountains are in Georgia.

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Q: What three regions do the Appalachian mountains mainly run through in Georgia?
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What mountain range did pioneers have to cross to get to Kentucky and Tennessee?

Pioneers needed to cross the Appalachian mountain range in order to get to Kentucky and Tennessee. They used the Cumberland Gap, a path through the mountain range, to do so.

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Which mountains stretch from Georgia to Maine?

The Appalachian Mountains run through Maine and Georgia.

Do any mountains go through Georgia?

Appalachian Mountains Smokey Mountains

Is the state of Florida closer to the Rocky or the Appalachian Mountains?

Appalachian Mountains since they run through Georgia

What is the main mountain chain that runs through eastern United states?

the Appalachian MountainsThe mountain chain that runs from Maine to Georgia is called the Appalachian Mountains.

What the Appalachian Mountains?

Appalachian mountainsThe Appalachian mountains are located in the Eastern part of the USA. This range, recently traced as far south as New Mexico, extends north thru Newfoundland and crosses the Atlantic, continuing through Scotland. The Appalachian Trail traces the range from north Georgia to is a moutain strectes through out Georgia and Maine

What mountains run through Alabama and Maine?

There is not a mountain range that runs through Alabama and Maine, but Pinhoti National Recreation Trail, which is located in Alabama, does go near the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail runs from Georgia through Maine, and contains the Appalachian Mountains.

What Mountains start in the northeastern US and run diagonally southwest through the Mid-Atlantic states?

The Appalachian Mountains start in the northeastern US and run diagonally southwest through the Mid-Atlantic states into northern Georgia.

What range of Appalachian Mountains cuts through Georgia North Carolina and Virginia?

Blue Ridge Mts.

What is the name of the oldest mountain chain in North America which stretches through the Northeast and Southeast regions?

Appalachian Mountains

What are some famous mountains in Georgia?

the Appalachian mountains run through part of Georgia---they're famous Stone Mountain ; see related link .

How did the Appalachian trail get its name?

Very simply, it's a trail that runs through the Appalachian Mountains.

What is the major mountain range in the eastern US?

The principal mountain range in the eastern U.S. are the Appalachian Mountains. There are other lesser ranges, such as the Pocono Mountains, the Allegheny Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Adirondack Mountains.