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I can't tell you; it's classified.... (just kidding)

There is an application form, followed by a lengthy process in which the applicant and numerous friends, family, and associates are interviewed. If your job requires that you have security clearance, your employer will guide you through the process.

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Security clearances are granted by individual departments. To obtain a security clearance you must work for a government agency or contractor.

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Q: What training do you need to get a security clearance from the government?
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Does the US President need a security clearance?

Yes the president has a clearance. It is called need to know clearance and it is a clearance only the president has. Basically it tells that he needs to know everything (which he does). It is also the highest clearance in the United States. Well the world really he knows everything about every country at every giving day or if something comes up that may need more attention. Does that say he knows every secret America has ever hide or is hiding right now f course not. But, what gets a lot of generals out of trouble is quote "plausible deniability". Even though the president is not subjected to any classification secrets sometimes generals dont tell him everything. The president can walk in any DoD, government, and congressional meeting he wants to and he off he is not subjected to dismiss his security and communication abilities. Sounds cool but, the downside of this is he cannot have a secret meeting with a subjected party or organisation, meaning the meeting must either be documented by congress and have some other reference of accountability (like secret service, or an opposing comity) something that can be subjected to review if the case arises.

In what ways did the new system of government fulfill the nation's need for a stronger central government and at the same time allay its fear of a government having too much power?

FDR's New Deal created higher taxes on the rich and the Social Security System, making the Federal government stronger.

What are the services that government provides to people?

income tax i think

What type of traning do you need?

Training is needed for every occupation. This training ranges from on-the-job, basic training for fast food workers, to a doctoral degree and many years of on-the-job training for physicians.

The national government?

the government that takes care of things that need to be done state wise.

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Who can get security guard jobs?

In order to find out whether or not you need to have security clearance if you are applying for a security guard job, you must consult the people who are in charge of the job and ask them, or consult the government and ask them about the policy.

Can anyone with a security clearance and a need-to-know can be given access to classified?


What type of training does a security guard need?

A security guard does not need very much training. It typically just takes one class during a semester to get what you need. Unless you carry a gun then you need gun training.

How do you start a security guard card training business?

Before you start a security guard training business you need to register it.

What type of training do i need to complete before i can be a security officer?

Security guards and surveillance officers protect property, maintain security, and enforce regulations and standards of conduct.You need formal security training or a degree in criminal justice.

Anyone with only a security clearance and need-to-know can be given access to classified?

No, having a security clearance alone is not sufficient to be given access to classified information. In addition to having a security clearance, individuals must have a legitimate need-to-know the information in order to perform their duties effectively and safely. The principle of need-to-know ensures that access to classified information is limited strictly to those who require it for their job responsibilities.

Landing Your Dream Security Clearance Job?

In this tough economy, there are people struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. These people work hard and apply for jobs on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the reason some people stay unemployed during a tough economy is because they lack the necessary skill set for particular career fields. There is one area of jobs that has thousands of open positions right now. In the United States, the government has thousands of open jobs for individuals who have their security clearance. A security clearance is a valuable commodity to employers. If an individual has his or her security clearance, then he or she may be immediately picked up by employers. The process of getting a security clearance is very expensive. Because of an economy requiring companies to cut back on expenses, companies are now foregoing traditional qualified applicants in favor of applicants who already have a security clearance. An applicant may not have the same prestigious educational background as another person seeking a job. However, the applicant who already has a security clearance may land a job at a company due to this quality. A company may simply be unable to afford to hire applicants who need to get a security clearance. Investing in someone who already has a security clearance also means that a company can immediately hire that person to work. The typical security clearance requires between two months to two years to be completed. During this time, a company may be obligated to pay an applicant. If an applicant takes two years to receive his or her security clearance, then this is time that a company will have to pay for. Companies do not enjoy wasting precious dollars in a rough economy. You can become a very attractive employee to highly classified jobs by having your security clearance in check. If you want to maintain your security clearance, then try continuing your service in the National Guard or Reserve. Maintaining your service in a military branch will usually allow you to continue having an active security clearance. Otherwise, you will have to have another investigation completed by the government every fifteen years for maintaining your security clearance.

What do I need to know before joining a security class?

If you want to be a security guard you need to know what level of training you'll get from a course. Armed security guards are paid more than unarmed guards and you need a higher level of training to be qualified.

What kind of training does a security guard need?

A security guard can need varied certification on a state by state basis pertaining to state law. Certification or training is not always required it can vary by job.

Do you need training for security guard jobs?

Even though it seems basic, security need to be trained to avoid bodily harm to people. So there is some manner of certification and training one has to undergo.

Can you join the army with no Security clearance?

No, you cannot join the army without a security clearance. A security clearance is required for military positions that involve access to classified information or assignments that require a high level of trust. The clearance process involves a thorough background investigation and evaluation of an individual's loyalty, character, and trustworthiness.

Homeland Security Training?

There are various government agencies that may be considered a homeland security job. Examples of a homeland security job include anything that involves the safety and deterrence of threats that compromise the safety of the United States, such as the TSA.