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Q: What type of goods and products does asia produce?
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What products does a bakery produce?

A bakery can produce a plethora of baked goods and sweet treats such as different types of breads, cakes, sweet rolls, donuts, and cookies. The type and location of the bakery determines the type of products it produces.

What type of items are sold at public markets?

Typical items sold as public markets include baked goods, fresh produce, dairy products, locally raised meats, various other food products, handcrafted products and clothing.

What is the merits of elasticities of demand?

It helps the producer to know the type of goods to produce when goods of the same substitute exist.

What type of products does the Cantar company produce?

The Cantar company produces products such as pool covers and liners. You can learn more about this company and the products they produce at the official Cantar website.

What type of products does Hako make?

Hako produce carpet sweepers and cleaners. They produce products for the domestic markets as well as much larger products for municipal street sanitation.

In which type of society do people have specialized jobs and exchange goods and services they produce for goods and services produced by other people?


When trying to decide what to produce businesses will look at the demand for their goods of what type of economy?


What type of economy when trying to decide what to produce business will look at the demand for their goods?


What type of products does Seagate Technology produce?

Seagate is a top brand. They produce hard disks mostly.

What type of chromosome is found only in body cells?

To shorten the distance travelled by goods and people from Asia to Europe. Prior to the canal, there were three choices to transport goods:

What type of products do Enclume produce?

The type of products produced by the restaurant "L'Enclume" are modern British meals. The restaurant has 2 Michelin stars and was established in 2003.

Economic products designed to satisfy peoples wants and needs?

Economic products designed to satisfy peoples wants and needs are consumer goods. The type of goods that are needed and wanted can vary depending on area and culture.