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burundi has a republic government

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Q: What type of government do burundi has?
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What is the names of the types of government in Burundi?

soldier's and police

What is the national anthem of Burundi?

Burundi Bwacu (Our Burundi), the national anthem of Burundi

When was Senate of Burundi created?

Senate of Burundi was created in 1962.

When did Air Burundi end?

Air Burundi ended in 2007.

When was Air Burundi created?

Air Burundi was created in 1971.

When was Interbank Burundi created?

Interbank Burundi was created in 1993.

When was Burundi created?

Burundi was created on 1962-07-01.

What hemisphere is Burundi located on?

Burundi is located in the Southern Hemisphere

When did Burundi gain its independence?

In 1962, Burundi gained independence

When was University of Burundi created?

University of Burundi was created in 1964.

Nation south of Rwanda?

Burundi is South of Rwanda.

Who is the First Vice President of Burundi?

Prosper Bazombaza is the First Vice President of Burundi.