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they have a provincial government

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Q: What type of government does Ontario have?
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What are the 3 Ontario government parties?

Ontario does not and will never have government "parties", because Ontario is not a counrty.

What is the name of the premier in the territorial government of Ontario?

Ontario is a province, not a territory. The name of the Premier of the provincial government of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty.

Who is the head of government in Ontario?

the head of Ontario is the premier.

What is Ontario's culture?

what is Ontario's culture

What is the Ontario provincial government in charge of?

the ontario government is in charge of health care, education, taxes,etc...

Where does the government of Ontario conduct business?

The government of Ontario conducts its business in the Queen's Park section of Toronto.

Who is the Premier of the provincial government in Ontario?

The Premier of Ontario is Dalton McGuinty.

What is the government Ontario meets in?

The House of Parliament.

What is the name of the commisioner who represent territorial government of Canada?

The current Lieutenant Governor of Ontario is David C. Onley. He is a representative of Ontario to the government of Canada.

What is the official address of the government section of Ontario?

Ontario is a province in east central Canada. The government of Ontario occupies several buildings. For example the Communications section is located at 77 Wellesley Street W in Toronto.

Who is Ontario's representative?

Ontario's head of government is Premier Dalton McGuinty. Its Lieutenant Governor is David Onley.

Where is are central government located?

The location of the the central government in Canada is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada