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The question does not make sense. Islam is a religion, not a governmental style. One of the things that is quite notable is that the Qur'an does not actually prescribe or proscribe any particular form of government. Everything from Absolute Monarchies to Local Plebiscites are acceptable according to Islam. Currently, the most "in-vogue" government style among Muslims is Islamism, which is a dictatorial, theocratic government, but Islamism is a modern political philosophy that is less than a century old.

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Islam is a religion so it does not have a government. Many countries have governments that are influenced or based on Islamic beliefs.

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It depends on the country. Saudi Arabia is a monarchy, Turkey is a democracy, and so they're all different.

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Q: What type of government does Islam have?
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Islam is not a government. It is a religion. The Muslim may adopt any kind of Government as suited to their will.

How does Islam regard government?

According to Muhammed, Peace and Blessings of Allah be on him, respecting the laws of the local government is a part of islam.

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Their government.

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Why was the Islamic government unique?

Islam, as with Christianity is a faith. A belief system. Not a form of government

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Islam religion

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A government based on Shia Islam

What system of government does Islam favor?

please elaborate.. government refers to a country doesnt it? islam is not a country and its not in just 1 country either, its well wide spread!