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A majority vote by the House of Representatives is needed to impeach an official. The person is impeached and must then stand trial with the Senate.

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In the United States a 2/3 majority vote by senators is needed.

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Q: What vote is needed to impeach an official?
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What percentage of the House membership is needed to impeach an official?

It requires a 2/3 majority vote to affirm the impeachment and go to trial.

How many representatives are needed to impeach?

In the House of Representative a simple majority vote is required. In 2008 that would be 218 vote. In the Senate a 2/3 majority vote is required for impeachment or 67 of 100 votes.

What is the vote needed to impeach a president?

A simple majority which would mean 216 of the 435 votes in Congress is needed to pass a bill of impeachment and force the Senate to hold a trial. (In order to convict, two-thirds of the Senators voting must vote to convict.)

Who finds an impeached man guilty?

The Senate finds an impeached man guilty. They do this by conducting a vote. A vote of at least two-thirds Senators are needed to impeach an official.

Where in the constitution does it say two thirds vote of the senate is needed to impeach the president?

Article I Section 3 Clause 7

How many votes does it take to impeach the president and why is that important.?

the house is empowered to vote to impeach the president by simple majority vote. meaning they suggest for him to be impeached. then the senate acts as a court of law and tries the president for the charged offenses. a 2/3 majority vote is needed to remove the president from office.

The house representative has the special power to?

The House of Representatives has one power that none of the other branches possess. It is the power of impeachment of a government official.

What must the vote be to impeach?

To "impeach" or accuse a US President, only a simple majority is required in the House of Representatives. To be "convicted" at trial in the Senate requires a two-thirds vote of that body.

What is the fraction needed to impeach and convict an executive or judicial officer of the state in the house and senate?

1/3rds of the house has to vote for impeachment to happen

Can the senate decide the charges against an accused official in impeachnment?

The Federal House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach or bring charges against government officials (except members of Congress.) A majority vote is needed in the House to Impeach. The Senate has the sole power to try the impeachment case. A two-thirds vote of the senators present is needed for conviction. When a president is tried, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the Senate.

What is impeach for sentence?

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body formally levels charges against a high official of government, accusing them of misconduct. It is a way to hold government officials accountable for their actions and can lead to their removal from office if they are found guilty.

Congress can punish an executive department official by?

trying to impeach the official