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I think you might mean Sandra Day O'Connor, who was the first female Justice in the Supreme Court.

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Q: What was Sarah day o' connor famous for?
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Why was Sandra day o connor famous?

She was the first women on the supreme court.

What hardship did Sandra Day O Connor have?

she was ugly

Who inspried Sandra day o' connor?

I think it is her father

Is sandra day o connor still alive?

Still alive

When was Sandra Day O' Connor born?

March 20 1930

Where was Sandra day o' connor born?

El Paso, Texas.

What was Sandra Day O' Connor 's childhood like?


Who replaced Sandra day o connor?

Justice Samuel Alito.

What words describe Sandra day o connor?

Strong believeable

What color does Sandra Day O' Connor LOVE?

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Who was the first woman appointed supreme court justice?

Sandra day o' Connor

What did Sandra day o connor find out in 1952 after she graduated from law school?