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I think you might mean Sandra Day O'Connor, who was the first female Justice in the Supreme Court.

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Q: What was Sarah day o' connor famous for?
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Why was Sandra day o connor famous?

She was the first women on the supreme court.

What hardship did Sandra Day O Connor have?

she was ugly

Who inspried Sandra day o' connor?

I think it is her father

When was Sandra Day O' Connor born?

March 20 1930

Where was Sandra day o' connor born?

El Paso, Texas.

Is sandra day o connor still alive?

Still alive

Who replaced Sandra day o connor?

Justice Samuel Alito.

What was Sandra Day O' Connor 's childhood like?


What words describe Sandra day o connor?

Strong believeable

What color does Sandra Day O' Connor LOVE?

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Who was the first woman appointed supreme court justice?

Sandra day o' Connor

What did Sandra day o connor find out in 1952 after she graduated from law school?