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Sandra Day O'Connor currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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She currently lives in Phionex, Arizona. As of 2011

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Now, Sandra Day O' Conner lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Q: Where does Sandra day o conner live?
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When did Sandra Day o Conner husband get diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease?


Did Sandra day o Conner have a mom?

Yes...her name was Ada Mae Wilkey

Is Sandra day o conner still living?

Yes, she is living but unfortunately, her husband is not.

What is Sandra day o' Conner's favorite food?

Pues la kakilla ! Que Mas !? !? ?!! ?!

What first did Sandra day o' conner what first did she accomplish in Arizona senate?

Sandra day o'conner was the first women tho serve the united states

Is Sandra day o 'conner 90 something years old?

Simple Google search says: no.

What are Sandra day o connors achievements?


What hardship did Sandra Day O Connor have?

she was ugly

Who is the first women judge of supreme court?

The first female appointed as a judge for the supreme court was Sandra Day O' Conner on July 7, 1981 by president Ronald Reagan.

Who inspried Sandra day o' connor?

I think it is her father

When was Sandra Day O' Connor born?

March 20 1930

Where was Sandra day o' connor born?

El Paso, Texas.