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She watched the house and took care of the family

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Q: What was daily life like for a plantation owners' wife in the South prior to the Civil War?
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What do slave owners and plantation owners do in their daily life?

They just probably scald the slaves to work faster or maybe even just relax at their house

What did plantation owners do in his daily life?

Plantation owners on a typical day may oversee operations, manage finances, supervise enslaved labor, make decisions about crops, and meet with overseers or business partners. They also participated in social activities, attended to household affairs, and dealt with the challenges of running a large agricultural enterprise.

What did the whites do on the sugar plantation?

On sugar plantations, whites typically held positions of authority and power, such as plantation owners, overseers, and managers. They were responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the plantation, managing the enslaved labor force, and ensuring that sugar production goals were met. Whites also made decisions concerning planting, harvesting, processing, and selling the sugar crops.

Who was the first overseer at Lloyd's plantation?

The first overseer at Lloyd's plantation was William Giles. He was responsible for managing daily operations and overseeing the enslaved workers on the plantation.

What operated like a small town and was the center of southern life?

Plantations in the Southern United States operated like small towns, serving as the center of life for plantation owners, their families, and enslaved people. These plantations were self-sufficient communities with residences, farms, workshops, and other buildings, providing everything needed for daily life within the confines of the plantation.

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What different roles did people have on a plantation?

On a plantation, people had various roles such as plantation owner, overseer, enslaved laborers, field workers, skilled artisans, household staff, and sometimes a plantation manager. Each role carried out specific tasks relating to the management of the plantation, crop cultivation, and daily operations. The power dynamics and hierarchy among these roles were based on social status and hierarchy.

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