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I think it was some type of blue cause in the pictures that I found of her, she was wearing a variety of blue dresses.

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Are you sure about that?

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Q: What was mercy Otis warren's favorite color?
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What is mercy Otis warrens historical impact?

mercy Otis warren historical impact is writhing

Which country did mercy Otis warrens family from?


Where is mercy Otis warrens statue?

Barnstable, Massachusetts

What is the name of mercy Otis warrens moms name?

Mary Allen Otis

What was Mercy Otis Warrens Argument for independence?

She said Britains Laws and taxes were unfair.

Who was mercy Otis warrens husband?

Mercy Otis Warren's husband was James Warren, president of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and the first quartermaster of the Continental Army.From Nancy Rubin Stuart, Author of The Muse of the Revolution: The Secret Pen of Mercy Otis Warren and the Founding of a Nation

What color eyes did mercy Otis warren have?


What did mercy Otis warren look like?

She had dark brown hair and her favorite color was blue, she loved wearing dresses and bonnets with lace edges.

When did mercy Otis get married?

Mercy Otis Warren was married in 1752.

Who married mercy Otis warren?

She was Mercy Otis first. She married James Warren and made Warren her last name. Mercy Otis Warren.

Who wrote a play called blockheads?

Mercy Otis Warren Mercy Otis Warren

Did mercy Otis warren die alone?

yeah Mercy otis died alone