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whether or not all the states had to have the same from of government

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Q: What was one of the final obstacles in the process of ratifying the articles?
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Who had final authority under the articles of confederation?

The states.

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What document is the 'final authority' in government?

The Articles of Confederation SHOULD be the final authority, tht is what I've heard, but im not positive, look it up in a U.S. History Text BookThat must be a really OLD history book. The US Constitution is the "final authority." (The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation more than 200 years ago.)

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Who has the final authority to ratify a Constitutional amendment?

Constitutional amendments in the United States are ratified by a three-fourths majority of state legislatures or by a ratifying convention held in three-fourths of the states. The final authority rests with the states, not the federal government.