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The Green Mountain Boys under Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga

And also Fort crown Point.

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Q: What was the Location of the green mountain boys captured?
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Where did the Green Mountain Boys capture artillery?

The Green Mountain Boys captured artillery at Fort Ticonderoga.

Where was Ethan allen and the Green Mountain boys victorious?

The Green Mountain Boys and Benedict Arnold's troops captured Fort Ticonderoga.

Fort Ticonderoga was captured by troops called?

Green Mountain Boys.

What Giant british fort captured by the green mountain boys?

Fort Ticonderoga.

Who captured fort tigonderoga with the help of the green mountain boys?

adam sansler

Who lead the green mountain boys as they captured fort ticonderoga?

Ethan Allen

What forts were captured on Lake Champlain by the Green Mountain Boys?

fort ticonderoga

The green mountain boys who captured the british held fort ticonderoga were led by?

The Green Mountain boys who captured the British held Fort Ticonderoga were led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold. The Green Mountain Boys were the militia of the Connecticut Colony as well as the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

What two boys captured cannons that helped the continental army drive the British out of Boston?

The Green Mountain Boys

What were the forts that the Green Mountain Boys captured called?

Fort Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga

Who led the Green Mountain Boys who captured the British-held Fort Ticonderoga?

Ethan Allen

What is a rebel group from vermont led the Ethan Allen who captured fort ticonderoga?

The Green Mountain Boys.