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They were a Vermont militia led by Ethan Allen. They captured a military point that was strategically important. They fought at Fort George, Fort Ticonderoga, and Fort Crown Point near Lake Champlain.

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Q: Why were the green mountain boys important?
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Where did the green mountain boys get their name?

the green mountain boys got their name from the green mountains in vermont.

Who was the leaderof the Green Mountain Boys?

Ethan Allen was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys

Where did the Green Mountain Boys capture artillery?

The Green Mountain Boys captured artillery at Fort Ticonderoga.

Who led the green mountain boys to ticonderoga?

Ethan Allen who led the Green Mountain Boys from 1770 to 1775.

Who was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys during American Revolution?

Ethan Allen was the leader of the green mountain boys.

Did Ethan Allen have a nickname?

i think it was green because he was in the green mountain boys militia

Where was Ethan allen and the Green Mountain boys victorious?

The Green Mountain Boys and Benedict Arnold's troops captured Fort Ticonderoga.

When did the green mountain boys break up?

The Green Mountain Boys broke up in 1885, right after the Revolutionary War ended...

Why green mountains called green mountains?

Because of the green mountain boys

What did Ethan Allen and green mountain boys do to help the colonists?

why was may 10, 1775 an important date in america history

What important weapons were captured by Ethan Allen and the green mountain boys and used to liberate Boston in January 1776?


What was the Location of the green mountain boys captured?

The Green Mountain Boys under Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga And also Fort crown Point.