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Ballad of the Green Mountain boys and Free America♥

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the answer is Lexington and concord

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Q: What is a famous Revolutionary War song?
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Why was Thomas Jefferson famous in the Revolutionary War?

thomas Jefferson was famous in the revolutionary war because he wrote the Declaration of Independence

What are some names of some famous people in the revolutionary war?

Famous people in the Revolutionary War - George Washington - Benjamin Franklin -Lord Charles Cornwallis

Who were the two famous women in the revolutionary war?


Who was the famous statesman in the Revolutionary War?

John hancock

Who was a famous statesman in the Revolutionary War?

Charles Demassie

The famous ride of Paul Revere was made during the Revolutionary War?

The famous ride that Paul Revere made was during the Revolutionary War ? true or false question.

What was nathanael greene famous for?

Nathanael Greene was famous for fighting in the revolutionary war.

When was the song Aiken drum written?

When the Revolutionary War started.

Who was famous for their signature during the revolutionary war?

John Hanncock

Famous battles from Revolutionary War?

Yorktown, Bunker Hill.

Who is the least famous person in the revolutionary war?

Men in wars

How did the dutch help Americans in the Revolutionary War?

The Dutch gave America money to buy war-good for the famous 1700s 'Revolutionary war'.