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In the putting-out system agents of urban textile merchants took wool to the homes of peasants, who span it into thread. The agant then took the thread to other peasants , who wove it into cloth. The merchant then sold the products. In the 19th century this domestic or family economy was more typical than the indusrtial factory economy.

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domestic system, also called Putting-out System, production system widespread in 17th-century Western Europe in which merchant-employers "put out" materials to rural producers who usually worked in their homes but sometimes labored in workshops or in turn put out work to others. Finished products were returned to the employers for payment on a piecework or wage basis. The domestic system differed from the handicraft system of home production in that the workers neither bought materials nor sold products. It undermined the restrictive regulations of the urban guilds and brought the first widespread industrial employment of women and children. The advantages to the merchant-employer were the lower wage costs and increased efficiency due to a more extensive division of labor within the craft.

The system was generally superseded by employment in factories during the course of the Industrial Revolution but was retained in the 20th century in some industries, notably the watchmaking industry in Switzerland, toy manufacturing in Germany, and numerous industries in India and China.

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Q: What was the domestic or putting out system?
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