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There were many causes of the agrarian revolution, namely, a rapid increase in population and the changing climate. The rapid increase in population meant the the small "family groups" that consisted of maybe 25-40 people grew and split into smaller sizes and these groups then grew and split and so the cycle went on. All the time, their nomadic existences meant that they needed a very large area to hunt and gather food. However with the land area rapidly decreasing as the population of the world increased, something needed to give. The large game animals that people of this era had relied on were migrating due to the changes in climate and the changes this made in the local fauna, and this meant that people had to follow the animals in order to feed. This and other factors lead to the domestication of animals and plants and the start of agrarian civilisation.

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One effect was the industrial revolution, as people wanted modern mechanical machinery to help them harvest more crops

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The main advantages to the Agrarian Revolution were that farming became more efficient and food production was higher.

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Anything that affects agriculture has a direct impact on farmers. Farmers are the ones who grow the plants in the agricultural community.

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It advanced technology from hunting and gathering to farming. It also advanced inventions.

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Q: What was the effect of the agrarian revolution?
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The agrarian revolution explains what?

The Agrarian Revolution is the term given to the transformation in agriculture in England during the Georgian period. Some of the changes brought on by the Agrarian Revolution involved planting crops (particularly clover and turnips) to provide food for overwintering animals. ...

Which year did agrarian revolution start?


What was pre industrial revolution like?

It had an agrarian economy.

Who dominated the southern agrarian economy?

The southern agrarian economy was dominated by wealthy landowners. An agrarian economy primarily relies on farming. The majority of these economies went away during the industrial revolution.

What is the difference between the Neolithic Revolution and the agrarian revolution?

The Neolithic Revolution was a gradual revolution that led to the discovery of agricultural techniques and as a result boundaries, rules, and eventually a settled life style.The Agrarian Revolution emerged out of the Neolithic Revolution and is marked by using agricultural techniques to produce food to survive. I believe it ended only when the Industrial Revolution took its place.

What was life like before the English agrarian revolution?

Three-Field System

Consequences of the agrarian revolution?

improvement of living standards because of steady supply of food.

Is the agrarian and the agricultural revolution the same?

For the most part, yes. See the related link below.

What has the author L A Parker written?

L. A. Parker has written: 'The Agrarian revolution at cotesbach 1501-1642'

Can you give me a sentence with the word agrarian in it?

In the 18th century, the mechanisation of the textile industry in England heralded the start of an Industrial Revolution which supplanted England's formerly agrarian society and eventually affected most of the world.

Was the fall of Communism an effect of the Industrial Revolution?

The fall of Communism was not a effect of the Industrial Revolution, it was an effect of the Cold War.

What was the early man's revolution from hunting to farming?

The Neolithic revolution was the shift from a nomadic lifestyle to an agrarian lifestyle. Humans stopped following herds and began to grow their own crops.