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  • The people of the Paleolithic Era were nomadic, which means that they moved where the food supply was plenty. Because of this, they lived without states and organized governments. Also, they lived without towns as well. We don't see a development of any sort of government until the later Neolithic Era, as the population grew tremendously.
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The baby always became the king of the city and he or she chose what to do about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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there was not really a government

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Q: What was the government of the Paleolithic people?
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What is the role of government in Paleolithic society?

To stop people from hitting each other with rocks and stealing their meat.

How did Paleolithic people survive?

Paleolithic people survived by hunting and gathering.

What tasks did paleolithic people have to do?

paleolithic people had to farm, harvest, and herd

What is a sentence for paleolithic?

Some people say that our military is a paleolithic organization. Paleolithic people developed stone tools as well as horn and antler tools.

What kind of tools did the Paleolithic people make with animal bones?

The paleolithic people made hammers to build with

What did paleolithic people drink?

Alcoholic drinks were not known in the paleolithic era.

Did Paleolithic people trade?


What kind of weapons did Paleolithic people have?

Paleolithic people used weapons made of stone. They had axes, spears and knives.

What is the main difference between Paleolithic people and Neolithic people?

Paleolithic people were hunter-gatherers while the Neolithic people relied primarily on agriculture

Did Paleolithic people make spoken language?

Yes the paleolithic people where the first people to make the spoken language. We do not have any proof of them ever creating it.

Why were the paleolithic people nomad?


How did the paleolithic acquire their food?

well ... early paleolithic people met their needs with crops and hunting.