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It's a logical answer, whenever there are improvements the consumer absorbs the cost. However the improvement made it possible for cattle, produce and other goods to reach their market much faster. This in turn brought on a higher usage of the railroad itself. So all of these facts provide America with a better economy and a larger selection for the buyer.

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The growth and development of the railway system in the United States was a significant factor in the growth and prosperity of the US economy from the middle of the 19th century to even the present day.

The completion of the transcontinental railway system in 1869 connected the the east and western parts of the US and had these affects:

1. Transportation of products countrywide became possible, faster, with larger payloads;

2. Transportation of US Military forces and military cargoes from coast to coast was now also less expensive and the payloads again were larger;

3. Private transportation, especially the transportation of new settlers in the Plains and all points between St. Louis and San Francisco-- Los Angeles was now faster and less expensive.

The cost savings alone were enough alone to have monies normally spent by using wagons and parceled train transportation used for other capital investments.

Even today, train transportation is more efficient than trucking and much less expensive then shipping products by air.

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Because the guy croaked on the train and they did not have him die only cause

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Americans could send and receive mail faster, they did not have to wait as long for food suplies, and they could go places faster.

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it allowed faster shipping of goods and more contact between cities.

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Q: What was the impact of the railroad on late-nineteenth century on economics?
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