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Allow future generations to adapt the constitution to the needs of the time.

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this was on the constitution essay and i was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this because i need it ASAP please....

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All the bills raising revenue shall originate in the house of representatives the main reason writers of the constitution include this provision was to?

Ahh, finally, an actually educated answer. The main reason writers of the constitution include this provision was to spread power so it is not one, very strong central government. The founding fathers did not want to be like England.

The US Constitution was an effort to apply the human ability to reason to solve human problems of governance what philosophical school must have influenced the writers of the constitution?

The Enlightenment The Modern era and thinkers such as Bacon and Hobbes

What provision made it illegal for Japan to declare war on another nation?

Article Nine of the Japanese constitution explicitly forbids Japan from maintaining a military or using force internationally for any reason.

What were Writers of the enlightenment were primarily interested in?

Writers of the Enlightenment were primarily interested in promoting reason, science, and individual rights. They aimed to challenge traditional authority and promote freedom of thought and expression. Key themes included the pursuit of knowledge, questioning of established institutions, and promotion of social progress.

Why was the preamble of the constitution?

it was written to tell the reason for writing the constitution

Why was the bill of rights not initially included in the constitution?

So the government could contract with other countries and convert the America to the United States Corporation for the purpose of commerce and trade. By making America into a Corporation gave the Governemt control over the land and the Constitution.

Writers reveal the motivation of their character to?

Convey the reason for the characters actions

What are the main differences between the writers of the age of reason and puritan writers?

The writers of the Age of Reason, such as Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, emphasized logic, reason, and scientific inquiry in their works, challenging traditional religious beliefs. Puritan writers, like Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards, focused on religious piety, morality, and obedience to God. They often used allegory and symbolism to convey spiritual messages in their writings.

Constitution was made in what era?

The Constitution was made in the era called the Age of Reason.

How many reasons are given for the adoption of the constitution?

How many reason are giving for the constitution

How did 17th century writers regard the relationship between reason and emotion?

emotion over reason study john keats

Why did romantic writers champion feelings over reason?

In the new wave of change that came with the Romantic Movement was that writers, artist, and poets talk about feelings emotions and peace and tranquility. Rather than then in the classical way of reason.