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Q: What was the name of the first constution of the us?
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The first written constution in the US was the?

Articles of confederation.

What The judicial branch of the government?

protect the us constution

What at was the last state to pass a law that is related in Emily's act?

us constution

When was the US constution completed?

the US constitution was completed on September 17th 1787. it was then ratified in June 1788.

What is the constution?

freedom like a war world 2 there was a war and people stared to vote to stop the war so constution is freedom

Which state had the most signers to the constution?


How many Articles are there in the Constution?

395 articles

What is a change to the constution called?

It is an amendment

When did rufus king sign the constution?

he signed it in 1785

What was americas first constution called?

The Articles of Confederation was the first form of the Constitution. However, it was very weak and ineffective. The states had more rights than the National Government.

In us driving lincence is it the last name that come first?

in Us driving license what is the name that come first ?last name or first name

The only state to allow a direct vote on the constution?

New York