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your ugly moma fools!@ hahahaha you looked!!!

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Q: What was the pilgrim era called?
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What era is Scott pilgrim?

Prehistoric Era

What is a pilgrim's clothing called?

a pilgrim hat is called a pilly hat

What is a Medieval person called who travels to visit a special holy place?

A person who journeys to a holy place is called a pilgrim in English, a Yatri in Hindi and a Haji in Arabic.

What was a pub called in the old times?


What is a person on a visit to holy places called?


What was the pilgrim regress by C.S. Lewis written in?

It's called the pilgrim's regress. he wrote it in 1939. one year after his conversion.

What is the name given to a person who makes a pilgrimage?

A person making a pilgrimage is called a pilgrim.

What is the pilgrim called in Islam?

Pilgrimage in Islam is called Hajj. A pilgrim in Islam is called Haji or Hajjan. Hajj is performed in Makka during the 8th to 13th of Zil Hajj, the last month of the Hijri Calendar.

Who was the boy in Scott pilgrim vs the world?

The boy is called Scott Pilgrim, aged 22, playing bass in a band called Sex Bob-omb. Played by Michael Cera.

Was he a pilgrim?

no she was a pilgrim

What did pilgrim girls call dolls?

they called their dolls poppets and their marbles knickers

What is the second part of pilgrim's progress called?

the pilgramige of christiana, her children, and her friends