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Mother- Czarina Alexandra Romanov ( maiden name Von Hess ), daughters- Olga- l895-l9l8 who was six foot two, Tatiana (l897-l9l8) honorary intelligence officer, Maria l899-l9l8 and of course, Anastasia- l90l- Alone of the Romanov Girls, Stacy was Under Age. Ps there have been rumors of a FIFTH illegitimate Grand Duchess- who residing in Paris was outside the Field of Fire- of the Revolution- and lived until l959. Name was Catherine. Catherine III, all right with me. She was younger than Anastasia.-But Was Russian on Both sides.

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Alexandria was his wife, his daughters were Olga, Maria, Tatiana and Anastasia. His son's name was Alexi.

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Q: What were Nicholas' wife's and daughters names?
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