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The Kings men

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Q: What were Shakespeare's actors called?
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What was the name of the group of people who always perform in Shakespeares plays?

Actors. The performers in any play are called actors.

Who were shakespeares best actors?


When did the Shakespeares actors practice?

In the morning. They performed in the afternoons.

What was William shakespeares first sonnet called?


What were the trousers called in shakespeares time?


What was Shakespeares 1st child called?

Her name was Susanna.

How Were Actors viewed in Shakespeares time?

Actors during the time of Shakespeare were viewed as rowdy, licentious, and untrustworthy.

What type of people performed in shakespeares plays?

Actors. Before 1660, only actors and no actresses performed in the plays.

What was a lover often called after one of shakespeares plays?


Who were shakespeares have any brothes or sistes?

they are called amy and tyler

What is shakespeares open air theater called?

The Globe Theater.

Was the large collection of plays published by shakespeares partners was called the first folio?

That's what it is called now. The name on the title page is "Mr William Shakespeares Comedies Histories & Tragedies".