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victorian clothes for ladies were huge dresses with massive skirts for the rich, and for the poor, simple skirts and aprons.

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Q: What were Victorian clothes like?
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What were the clothes like for poor Victorian children?

Tatty and very uncomfotable.

What clothes look like in Victorian times?

like someone ran out of toilet paper

What is the difference between our clothes and the Victorian clothes?

Old fashioned

What did Victorian gentleman wear at the opera?


What were Victorian school boys clothes?


What clothes did Victorian children wear if they were poor?

dirty clothes that are ripped and torn

What clothes did the rich wear in the Victorian times?

girls and boys wear identical clothes

What did victorian children wear rich and poor?

clothes hhshshfhshhfds

What did the poor people wear in the Victorian time?

ragged clothes

What did Victorian teachers wear?

wealthy Victorian boys wore sailer suites and/or miniture versions of what men wore in the Victorian times

What did Victorian girls wear for school?

They wore clothes if they could afford it

What were Victorian ranges used for?

they were used for drying clothes and keeping the warmth in the house