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In mines

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Q: Where did poor Victorian men work?
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Did men work in Victorian factories?

yes they did they made bombs and they didn't get payed as often most of them were very poor

What did poor Victorian children do in there spare?

work in a workhouse's

What was it like for children living Victorian Britain?

Children living in Britain during Victorian times, were either rich or poor. If they were poor, they often had to work to help out the family.

Did poor Victorian children work?

yes they did because they were poor and there parents needed money and they were to old to get money.

Why weren't Victorian mothers allowed to work?

Victorian women did not have the right to work or vote. They were expected to stay home with the children. Men did not think women were able to work.

Was a spinning top used by a rich Victorian or a poor Victorian?

yes it is used by rich and poor children from the Victorian times

What were the Victorian poor houses like?

Horrible damp places. Hard work to live in one

What did the poor people drink in Victorian times?

what did poor people eat and drink in the victorian era

What three jobs that many poor children living in Victorian time had to do?

1 work in gold mines 2 work up chimleys 3 work for adults

How long did poor children work in Victorian times and what time of jobs did they do?

sweets har9ibos ll 444fcjhk.vjhk .

What was the work the poor Victorian children had to do?

They worked as Chimney Sweeps,Factory Workers,Street Cleaners and Minners

How did the Victorian workers work?

Victorian workers were mostly children. These children were called labours. They worked very hard. But they didn't get paid properly. These children were very poor.