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10 hours

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Q: How many hours a day did Victorian children work?
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Where did poor Victorian men work?

In mines

Why did Victorian children have to work?

well, they worked for money, and some were forced to work. Hi there, a little more detail is: Back in the 19th century Victorian children often worked for several reasons: -they're mothers worked therefore could not be left alone at home, and instead had to go work with them. -they were forced to. -they wanted to to prevent the fact of boredom. -they lived in a poor family that had shortage of money tehrefore resulted down to not having no food. They worked to earn money to prevent the fact of them and their family going through starvation. -Mill owners often liked them to work because: * They were small and could go under machines to fix broken things *They had quick fingers and could fix things more speedily. * They were cheap to have. Thanks, please leave a comment on my wall, and let me know whether this information helped you.x

What jobs did Victorian servants do?

Victorian servants would have to clean the whole house, do laundry, chimney sweep, scrub bathrooms and toilets, wash the windows, clean carpets and other cleaning jobs. Servants were also used to prepare meals, tend to the owners horses, act as valets, run messages and take care of the owners property (such as trimming bushes )

What was the factory acts?

The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Factory Acts which put a cap on the number of hours children and women were allowed to work in the textile industry. Eventually, the Acts include all other industries.

What did the kids do during American Revolution?

children would work.

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How many hours did Victorian children have to work?

for 12hours

How many hours a day would Victorian children work?

10 hours

In Victorian times how many hours would children work?

12 hours a day

How many Victorian children died from working?

If "Victorian" means "English": not that many. England had child labour laws since 1833, so since well before the Victorian era, limiting the kinds of work and the number of hours that children could do.

What were the hours the Victorian children worked in the mines?

I say I say childrens had to work about 1-24 hours a day which was hard work for the childrens and easy for the overlooker and the boss.

In which countries did Victorian children work in?

short documentaries about victorian working children

How many hours a day did Victorian factory workers work a day?

24 hours a day

What was the hours of work in the Victorian days?

at least 16 hours

What was Victorian candle making work hours?

About 15 hours ;)

How many hours did Victorian chimney sweeps work a day?

around 7 and a half hours a day

Did Victorian children work in factories?


Did Victorian children work on farms?