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Viking life was a constant drift between their homes and the sea. Many crops could no grow well in the fringed north, so while most of the women stayed behind and took care of the families and homes, the men would travel west to England, France, and even into the Mediterranean. Some women, known as shield maidens, also traveled west for the raids. During these trips they would steal as much food, treasure, livestock, etc. that they could carry on their ships, and haul it back home. One of the things they prized most though, was salt. They could not make salt where they lived as their was not enough sunlight. And it was essential to the Viking way of life, as it helped preserve food for long periods of time. Long enough to last until the next raiding season. While at home however, the Vikings lived very peacefully. sure their were brawls, but many had second jobs during the long winter months, like the jobs of a blacksmith, bard, craftsman, trainer (of horses or of men), and the like.

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15y ago First picture of reconstructed longhouse. If it's still there when you see this. Icelandic (possibly Faroese too) were basically the same, except built of turf and stone (very isolated, yes should try walk in one.) (see, those are more modern though.

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Q: What were Viking homes like?
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