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Q: What were the first steps taken by the Washington administration in building a government?
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What was the first step taken by the Washington administration in building a new government?

seriously idont know either that why im googlinlol

The greatest challenge facing the first Washington administration was?

setting the government's finances in order.

What was the first U.S. government building to be constructed?

What was the first u.s. building to be constructed?

What was the first building in the National mall?

The Washington Monument

What decision did Washington the first government have to make about the new government?


What position did Jefferson hold in Washington's administration?

In Washington's administration Thomas Jefferson was the Secretary of State. Thomas Jefferson was the first United States Secretary of State and he was the 3rd President of the United States of America.

What was the first Federal Building to be built in Washington DC?

US Capital

Where was the CIA formed?

the first building was on east street in Washington dc. in 1947

What is the First U.S. government building to be contructed?

the first one was in1778 the first white house.

Conflicts between Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians during President George Washington's first administration led directly to the?

Start of the first political parties.

When did congress meet in the capitol building in Washington DC for the first time?

July 4

Is the Articles of Confederation the first attempt at building a national government?

Yes it was.