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Food, water, protection from ... elements, animals, each other.

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Q: What were the three basic needs of primitive people?
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The three basic needs of primitive people?

Food, water, and shelter.

88 year old people need?

People of all ages have three basic needs: food, water, shelter.

What are the basic needs of individual?

An individual's needs include food, shelter and water. These three basic needs will help a person to stay healthy and safe.

What are three basic needs of mildew?

dead matter,clean air, and water

Is this the correct basic structure of a personal essay?

yes. that is the basic structure. -Apex , cheaters (; . No, it needs three supporting paragraphs.

What are the 3 primitive logic structures?

The three primitive logic structures in programming are selection, loop and sequence. Any algorithm can be written using just these three structures.

Three basic types of power that people in government exercise are?

DuchBag In the

What are the three basic needs of people and how people of the stoneage met these needs?

The three basic needs of people are food, shelter, and clothing. In the Stone Age, people met these needs by hunting and gathering for food, building simple shelters using natural materials like wood and animal hides, and using animal skins and furs for clothing to protect themselves against the elements.

Three method of primitive methods of personal idetification?

Three methods of primitive personal identification include using physical characteristics like facial features or unique markings, using personal belongings or possessions as identifiers, and relying on personal knowledge or memory-based recognition. These methods are basic and may have limited accuracy or security compared to more advanced forms of identification.

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Formation of the three germinal layers and the primitive gut

List the three basic groups of people in plato's ideal state?

1. Three groups of people: a. Philosopher kings b. Warriors c. All the rest- the people

What examples of needs?

human basic needs? needs that are non-negotiable. non-tangible: dignity, respect, acknowledgment tangible: food, housing, medical care, some would also argue employment as the means to support the first three needs on your own