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Shirt Breeches or overalls Weskit/waistcoat or vest Woolen socks Shoes Three cornered hats called "cocked-hats" Regimental coat Hunting frocks

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Q: What would you wear if you were a revolutianary war soldier?
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Who lead the revolutianary war?

George Washington

How long did the revolutianary war last?

eight years.

What would you wear if you were a revolutionary war soldier?

1. Some links below

What led to the revolutianary war?

The king was putting taxes on the colonist and sending soldiers.

Who were the Marbleheaders in the Revolutionary War?

"unnoficial navy" who brought the Americans across the water to the British during the Revolutianary War!

Define a Vietnam War Officer?

A military officer that fought in the Vietnam War. A Vietnam War soldier would be a "soldier that fought in the Vietnam War.

The mother of a soldier in a war zone can wear what type of star pin?

A blue star. If the soldier is killed, the blue star is changed to gold.

Who made friends with the french in the Revolutionary War?

Benjamin Franklin made friends with the French. The french Joined the Revolutianary war because they were mad at the British after ther lose in the French and Indian War.

How would you describe the common soldier during the revolutionary war?

because he is a common soldier

What would happen to a captured soldier?

A captured soldier in a conventional war could be faced with imprisonment.

What was the average salary for a soldier in 1800?

In the war of 1812 an American soldier would have made $8 and in the civil war it was $13 but then it was raised to $16

Was a soldiers lifetime hard at war?

No, as the soldier was a child once (and would not then have been a soldier) his lifetime, by definition, can not all have been "hard at war".