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Q: Who was the Last living revolutionary war soldier?
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When was Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier created?

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier was created in 1954.

What was Deborah Sampson in the war?

She was a soldier in the Revolutionary War

What kind of soldier was in the Revolutionary War?


How was the life as a soldier in Revolutionary War?


What is another name for revolutionary war soldier?


How would you describe the common soldier during the revolutionary war?

because he is a common soldier

Who is a revolutionary war soldier with red in his name?

Red Coat

Who was the first girl soldier in the revolutionary war?

Molly Pitcher.

Is Nancy Morgan Hart a soldier in the Revolutionary war?

yes she was

How did Mary Rowlandson contribute to the Revolutionary War?

she was a female soldier

Which president was a revolutionary war soldier at the age of 13?

Andrew Jackson

Did Samuel Adams fight in any Revolutionary War battles?

No, he was not a soldier.