When did rommel surrender?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, also known as "The Desert Fox" and was considered a humane officer and the most highly skilled desert combat leader of World War II. He was not captured, but was linked in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. In order to protect his family, Rommel agreed to a forced suicide by cyanide in

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Q: When did rommel surrender?
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German general who was forced to surrender in Tunisia?

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps was forced to surrender in Tunisia in 1944.

What year did Rommel force's surrender in North America?

Is this a trick question? His forces did not surrender in North America. His last of his forces surrendered in North Africa in May 1943.

Does erwin rommel have grandchildren?

He does have 1 grand daughter. Her name is Cathrine Rommel. She is the daughter of Manfed Rommel who was the son of Erwin Rommel

What nicknames does Kristofer Allen Rommel go by?

Kristofer Allen Rommel goes by Rommel.

What is the birth name of Rommel Quizon?

Rommel Quizon's birth name is Rommel Tagulao Quizon.

What is the birth name of Erwin Rommel?

Erwin Rommel's birth name is Rommel, Erwin Johannes Eugen.

Who is known as the ''Desert Fox''?

Erwin Rommel, a German Field Marshal in WWII.Erwin Rommel

Why did rommel want to kill Hitler?

He didn't. Rommel was approached by the conspirators who were plotting to kill Hitler, but he rebuffed them. Rommel's sin was that he did not report the overture. For this, by threatening his family, the Nazis forced him to commit suicide. Then, with their usual hypocrisy. they gave him a heroes funeral. The conspirators felt that Rommel might be agreeable to their schemes because Rommel had voiced the sensible thought that the best thing Germany could do was try to obtain the best terms it could and surrender. Hitler and the other top Nazis could not surrender, because they knew that the next thing that would happen was that they would be called on to answer for all their numerous, horrible crimes. The conspirators wanted Hitler dead because he would not listen to reason, and insisted on the complete destruction of Germany as preferable to surrender. If the German people could not deliver what Hitler wanted, they deserved this fate, Hitler believed. So he insisted on continuing the war, which had been completely hopeless for a long, long time. All this did was visit further destruction on Germany and keep the war going while several million more people died.

When was Rommel Banlaoi born?

Rommel Banlaoi was born in 1970.

When was Rommel's Revenge created?

Rommel's Revenge was created in 1983.

When did Rommel's Revenge happen?

Rommel's Revenge happened in 1983.

When was Rommel Rene born?

Rommel Rene was born in 1986.