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Sharecropping existed throughout history and took place in many countries before the United States. It was very popular, however, when slavery was abolished and landowners needed farmhands and former slaves needed work.

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Sharecropping began during the Reconstruction era, 1865-1877. This practice involved landowners allowing land tenants to grow crops on their property for a portion of the crops.

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After there 7 year term

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Q: When did share croppers get their freedom?
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Do share croppers still exist?

is share cropping legal in the US

Why was it really disastrous for the share croppers from 1929 to 1939?

because they were dogs

Who famed land in return for a portion in the value of the crop?

share croppers

Who were the share croppers?

Sharecroppers were farmers, often African Americans in the Southern United States after the Civil War, who worked on land owned by others in exchange for a share of the crops they produced. They were often in a cycle of poverty and debt due to unfair contracts and exploitative practices by landowners.

Why did many farmers become share croppers?

They could not afford to buy land, but all they knew was farming. A large number of freed slaves in the South became share croppers, as they could not find other work.

What was probably true about contracts between landowners and share croppers?

Landowners typically held more power in the contract negotiations, resulting in terms that were more favorable to them. Sharecroppers often faced unfair treatment, volatile economic conditions, and limited mobility due to debt obligations. Landowners' control over resources and land often kept sharecroppers in a cycle of poverty and dependency.

Which group had the highest unemployment rate in the early 1930s?

African Americans share croppers

What is different between slavery and sharecropping?

Slavery involved ownership of individuals as property, with no control over their own labor and no compensation. Sharecropping, on the other hand, involved individuals working land owned by others in exchange for a share of the crops produced, allowing some degree of autonomy but often leading to debt and dependency. Sharecroppers were considered free individuals, unlike slaves.

When was Space Croppers created?

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What happened to share croppers when they worked in the same land year after year?

Most remained in debt to the land owners and were unable to move away.

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What were the economic problems for blacks after 13th amendment?

After slaves were freed, they did not have money to buy land or animals to work the land. Many became share croppers and it was much like still being a slave.