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In 1812. The United States declared war on Britain on June 18, 1812 for a combination of reasons, including outrage at the impressment (conscription) of American sailors into the British navy, frustration at British restraints on neutral trade, and anger at alleged British military support for American Indians who were hostile to the United States. Plus the US hoped to grab Canada while the British were busy fighting France.

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The second time the U.S. and England went to war refers to the War of 1812. It lasted from June 18, 1812 to February 18, 1815, and ended in a military stalemate.

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Q: When did the US go to war with England for a second time?
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Second war for independence?

The Second War of Independence is the name often given to the 1812 war between the US and England. Strictly speaking the name is incorrect, as the independence of the US was no longer at stake.

Who traded with Africa?

during the time between the us revolutionary war and the us civil war England traded with Africa.

What policy did the us revert back to until the Second World War?

The US reverted back to the Uniform Time Act until the Second World War

Why did many Americans not want to fight during world war 2?

This was the second time in 20 years (WW1) that Europe couldn't handle their problems (and the US had to help them). Again, for the second time, the US felt it wasn't their war.

Why did the US go to war with Britain for a second time?

don't know but you can google it and that might work ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What was the main reason the us went to war with Britain for the second time?

To gain freedom at sea

Was the US Civil War fought against England?

No. The civil war was between the states. The war of Independence was against England.

How much time elapsed between the beginning of world war 2 and American's declaration of war?

from the time England declared war on Germany to the time the US declared war on the Japanese 707 days (3rd of sept 39 - 7th dec 41)

What did the US defeat in the revolutionary war?


Why did the US want France and Spain to help them in the Revolutionary war?

because Spain and France were enemies of England during that time

Did the US try to help England by entering the war?

This would depend upon which war you are talking about. The US fought against England in two wars, the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, and it fought as an ally of England in two other wars, WW I and WW II.

What is the main reason the US went to war with Britain for the second time?

to have freedom at sea