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They appeared at the time of the Black Death which people thought was the wrath of God. The flagellants wandered the country whipping themselves to placate the Almighty, not realising that in the process they were helping to spread the plague.

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Q: When did the flagellants appear in England?
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When was A Procession of Flagellants created?

A Procession of Flagellants was created in 1819.

When was Exhibition of Female Flagellants created?

Exhibition of Female Flagellants was created in 1830.

What is the significance of Flagellants?

Flagellants are practitioners of an extreme form of mortification of their own flesh by whipping it with various instruments.

How do you spell Flagellants?

There is a plural noun "flagellants" (self-whippers). The word sought may instead be "flatulence" (releasing gas anally).

When did Made in England first appear on the back stamps of ceramics?

When did made in England first appear on ceramics

Who were the Flagellants and why were they banned by the Pope?

The Flagellants were a group of people who traveled from town to town for 33.3 days, publicly scourging themselves with strips of leather tipped with iron spikes as a punishment for the world's sins. They hoped that this would please God to bring peace and good health instead of the suffering caused by the Black Death. The Pope banned the Flagellants because he feared that the movement would lead to a revolution, as the Flagellants blamed the Church for the wickedness of the plague.

Why did the flagellants persecute Jews?

maby because they didnt like them

Which religious order abused themselves physicially?

The Flagellants were a religious order that practiced self-flagellation, a form of physical abuse involving whipping oneself as a form of penance for sins. Flagellants believed this extreme act would help purify their souls and bring about repentance.

Where did the flagellant's get their name?

Flagellants got their names from Latin, which means "to whip."

How long did the flagellants travel between villages?

1 hour at least

What did Flagellants wear?

each flagellant wore a black hood with a red cross :)

What happened to the flagellants after the Pope outlawed them?

Many went 'underground' with their practices. They continued out of the public eye. Flagellants are still a feature of various Mediterranean Catholic countries, mainly in Spain, Italy, but they do so without the approval of the Church.