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It began on 23 August 1572 in Paris and continued for several weeks as the frenzy spread to other parts of France. No exact date of when it was ended is recorded and the number of casualties remains poorly defined. Certainly many of the victims were not killed because of religion, but were conveniently eliminated to wipe out debts or to settle grudges.

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Early on the morning of 24 August 1572 (St. Bartholomew's Day by the Catholic Church calendar), French Catholic troops began to slaughter unarmed Protestants ( Huguenots), who had gathered in Paris for a royal wedding. The wave of popular violence that followed resulted in the death of some two thousand persons in Paris and another three thousand in other French cities. Known collectively as the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, these events constitute the most infamous episode in the French Wars of Religion and a turning point in these wars.

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In 1572.

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Q: When was St Bartholomew's Day Massacre?
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