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Anglicanism was made a religion in the 16th century when King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife for not being able to have sons. The catholic pope said he was being senseless and couldn't do that, which in turn caused King Henry VIII to start his own religion with himself as the head, and made it the law that all of England had to follow it.

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Anglicanism is simply the Catholic Church, in England. The Body of Christ arrived in Britain just after the Crucifixion according to the Church fathers, various dates are given. But Aristobulos the friend of S.Paul, who is mentioned in Romans, is claimed by some, to be first Bishop . The Church was originally called simply the Church in Britain, but in 750 AD, Baeda the Historian refers to it as the Ecclesia Anglicana, the Church of the English. Again in Magna Carta the same expression is used Ecclesia Anglicana and this occurs all through the middle ages, until today!


The origins of the current Church of England lay with Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries. Virtually all Anglicans would hotly dispute the notion they are nominal Catholics. They do not follow the Pope's teachings, in fact, for centuries in England, Catholics were discriminated against.

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it spread in the 1600's it spread in the 1600's

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Being the Catholic Church in Britain the Anglican Church was established in this country when the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan app, 312 AD.

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Q: When was anglicanism made a religion?
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What was general William howe's religion?

Anglicanism? I think.

What is Abigail Williams religion?

She was a Puritan, a section of Anglicanism.

Queen Elizabeth I declared Anglicanism the natural religion where?


Was Virginia's religion Anglicanism?

Yes, it was, as it was a royal colony and Middle Colony

Which colonies made anglicanism the official faith by law?

Several colonies made Anglicanism the official faith by law, including Virginia, Maryland, and the Carolinas in British North America. These colonies had a significant Anglican presence and were established with the support of the Church of England. The laws mandating Anglicanism as the official religion were eventually repealed after the American Revolution.

What religion did an English king invent?

King Henry VIII of England did not invent a new religion, but he introduced the Church of England or Anglicanism as a separate entity from the Roman Catholic Church. This occurred as a result of his desire for an annulment to his marriage, which the Pope refused to grant.

What is Englads religion?

Anglicanism, the Church of England. A protestant group which holds the monarch of England as the head of the church.

Is Britain Roman catholic?

No, the predominant religion in Britain is Anglicanism, followed by Presbyterianism. Catholicism is close behind.

What kind of religion is angelican?

Anglicanism is a branch of the Christian church. It has 6 million members all over the world.

What were Charles' I religious beliefs?

He increased the power of priests and bishops and decorated the church.

What were the two main religions in Elizabethan England?

The two main religions in Elizabethan England were Anglicanism (Church of England) and Roman Catholicism. Anglicanism was the official state religion, while Roman Catholics faced persecution and discrimination for practicing their faith.

What European country invent anglicanism?

Anglicanism was created in England.