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The Gestapo, the Nazisâ?? famous secret police force was headed by Heinrich Himmler. The Gestapo was started with a goal to ferret out the enemies of the Nazi Party. By World War II, this included, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, Jehovahâ??s witnesses and anyone who dared to go against the ethos of National Socialism.

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It was formed sometime around the period of Hitler

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April, 1934

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Q: When was the Gestapo formed?
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Hitler's secret police was called?

the gestapo

Where did the gestapo?

because gestapo is aweshum

Where did the gestapo operate?

because gestapo is aweshum

What is the gestapo in Anne Frank?

The Gestapo are the police.

Did the Nazis have anything to do with gestapo?

The Gestapo were the Secret Police for the Nazis. The Gestapo belonged to the Nazi Party.

What was the Japanese counterpart to the Nazi Gestapo?

The Japanese Gestapo - or Kempeitai - were very similar to the Gestapo in the way they operated, but had been around for much longer than the Gestapo (1881-1945). Their numbers were considerably larger than that of the Gestapo, however - about 70,000, compared to the Gestapo's 32,000.

What were the nazi secret police called?

The Gestapo.

What requirements were needed to be a gestapo?

The main requirement needed to be in the Gestapo was being a non-Jewish German. You also needed to believe in the Gestapo and agree with that way of thinking to join the Gestapo.

How did the gestapo get their info?

The Gestapo relied heavily on networks of informers.

What was Hitler's secret police called?

It was called the Gestapo.

What were Adolf Hitler's secret police called?

The Gestapo was a secret police that showed their strength with the use of terror. Hitler and the Nazi party used this secret police to hunt down Jews, gypsies, etc. Once they found them, they would be sent to the concentration camps.

Who was Herman goring and what did he have to do with the gestapo?

Hermann Goering is the founder of the Gestapo.