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All of the amendments were made on December 15, 1791, but the 1st was actually started in 213bc, when people in Egypt decided that they were getting tired of the pharaoh breaking into their "huts" of course, the Egyptians get killed but he Pharaoh, but they started to keep it coming back in about 1212.

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Q: When was the first amendment made?
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When was the first amendment amended?

The first amendment was made in 1791. The first 10 amendments were all made in 1791.

Which amendment was made possible by the advances in technology allowing faster traveling and communication?

The First Amendment made it possible for advances in technology. The freedoms given by the first amendment allow for the faster travel and communication.

What is the first amandment?

The first Amendment made was , Trail By Jury

Does the 18th Amendment exist?

It exists, but the twenty-first amendment repealed it, or made it inactive.

Which amendment made it legal to make and sell alcoholic beverages?

The Twenty-first Amendment to the U. S. Constitution repealed the Eighteenth Amendment and made possession and use of alcohol legal again.

What do you call change made to your national constitution?

An amendment. For example, the first Amendment to the Constitution covers Freedom of Speech.

What is a good sentence for the word amendment?

The United StatesCongress proposed the Twenty-first Amendment to the Constitution on February 20, 1933.The politicians made another amendment to the bill.

How did the twenty first amendment affect the eighteenth amendment?

The 21st amendment of the American Constitution repealled the 18th amendment, and made it no longer valid.

When was the third amendment made?

The amendment was made in 1800s.

What amendment was made in 1961?

The amendment that was made in 1961.

Which amendment does the Twenty First Amendment repeal?

The twenty-first amendment repeals the eighteenth amendment.

Who was against the first amendment?

who didn't want the first amendment