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Q: Where Utilitarianism held that government policies should promote?
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What are the central principles of act utilitarianism?

Policies should be determined by whatever brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people.

What is ultilitarianism?

government should promote greatest good for most people

Who was Jeremy bentham and what philosophy for society did he promote?

Jeremy Bentham was a British philosopher, jurist, and social reformer who is known for founding utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a moral philosophy that advocates for actions that maximize overall happiness or welfare in society. Bentham believed that public policies and laws should be designed to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.

What did Voltaire believe the government should do for the people?

Voltaire believed that the government should protect the rights and freedom of its citizens, promote religious tolerance, and ensure social progress through rational policies and justice. He advocated for a limited government that respected individual liberties and did not interfere in personal beliefs or private affairs.

How did Progressives plan to improve government?

Progressives believed that the government should have policies that protected workers. They also thought government should help the poor.

What is a definition of justice that links to utilitarianism?

The utilitarianism wanted the greatest happiness for the greatest number. This should be contained in laissez-faire economy. But the result was exploitation of many.

Do you believe that government should promote the common good how?

because of the total land area and because you and me will sex foreeve

How should the government promote hybrid cars?

They should not promote Hybrid Cars If the government was sensible cars would be rated on damage to environment during life cycle. Hybrid cars are much worse comparing by size and features including fuel economy.

Do you believe a country should be run on the basis of utilitarianism?

no, look at communist russia

What is the concept of mill utilitarianism about?

Mill utilitarianism, proposed by philosopher John Stuart Mill, emphasizes that the rightness or wrongness of an action is determined by the amount of pleasure or happiness it produces for the greatest number of people. It differs from classical utilitarianism by also considering the quality of pleasure, valuing higher pleasures over lower pleasures. Mill believes that actions should aim to maximize overall well-being and promote individual autonomy and personal development.

People who feel the same about how the government should be run and who support certain policies can join a?

political party

What was Puritan Government?

The Puritans believed that the church and government should work together to promote holiness and help people to succeed both materially and spiritually. A government official had to be apart of the church.