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No, they were not. The idea of 'all people being equal under the law' is a concept that only came up in the 18th century, not before. In the case of Hammurabi, there were slaves everywhere and women in that age were little more than the 'property' of first their fathers, then their husbands.

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no because slaves and servants had harsher punishments if they broke laws than free-born people if they broke laws.

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Q: Where all people equal before the law under Hammurabi?
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What group or class of people were the least protected and least favored under the law of Hammurabi?

um he favored the rich, not the poor. it wasnt financially equal

Is aggravate assault under the code of hammurabi's?

Assault is covered under Hammurabi code of law.

Why did people use the hammurabi's code?

During the ancient times, the people of Mesopotamia lived under the rule of the Babylonian king, Hammurabi. Hammurabi created his code of laws, which consists of 282 laws, in the year 1750 BC. The Code of Hammurabi was inscribed on stone, which suggests that the King accepted the laws from the sun god, Shamash. The code of laws encouraged people to accept authority of a king, who was trying to give common rules to govern the subjects' behavior.

How were punishments different between people under Hammurabi code?

Hammurabi had his laws codified in one writing. In this case, they were carved into stone. The code was divided into Religion, Military service, Trade, Slavery, The duties of workers and the Code of conduct.

How were offenders punished under Hammurabi's law?

They were punished according to the law. In the related links box below, I posted the Hammurabi code.

What civilization was King Hammurabi ruling?

Hammurabi ruled the ancient Babylon kingdom.

What is the laws of equality?

It means that everyone is viewed as "equal" before the law, and they all are afforded equal treatment under the law.

What does the declaration of independence say about people?

people have equal rights for this country under god and its people.

What best describes Babylonia laws under Hammurabi?

it was universal throughout the empire

Who received more punishment under Hammurabi's code of law?

Those who broke the code.

How would you describe the code of hammurabi?

Type your answer here... Which best describes Babylonian law under Hammurabi?

What does equal protection of laws mean?

Equal protection under the law is a right given to all people in the US. It simply means that no matter how wealthy or the social status, everyone has the same rights.