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He was the Chairman of the EEOC.

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Q: Where did Clarence Thomas work for before appointed?
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Where does clarence thomas son work?

options trader at Wachovia Securities in Richmond, VA

Which US President did Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill work for?

President George H.W. Bush

Is Clarence Thomas wife related to the Bush family?

Yes, Virginia Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is not related to the Bush family by blood. She has been involved in conservative political activities and has connections to individuals associated with the Bush family through her work in politics and advocacy.

Who was the African-American woman who filed sexual harrasment charges against US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?

Anita Hill testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee during Justice Thomas' 1991 hearings, alleging Thomas had sexually harassed her and created a hostile work environment when he was her boss at the EEOC. Two other women made similar allegations, but refused to testify.

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Was Anita Hill appointed to the US Supreme Court by President Bush?

No. Anita Hill challenged President George HW Bush's nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. Hill had worked for Thomas when he oversaw the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had created a hostile work environment through sexual harassment. Several other women agreed with Hill, but refused to testify; therefore, the Committee determined there was insufficient evidence to support Anita Hill's charges. This resulted in the Judiciary Committee vote being split 7-7 on the issue of recommending approval or rejection to the full Senate, so Thomas' nomination was sent to the floor without any recommendation. The full Senate confirmed Thomas' appointment by a 52-48 vote, the narrowest margin of approval in more than a century.

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On what date was Justice Clarence Thomas confirmed to serve on the US Supreme Court?

President George HW Bush nominated Clarence Thomas on July 8, 1991, to replace Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was retiring.Thomas's confirmation hearing became contentious, however, when Professor Anita Hill, an attorney who had worked for Thomas at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, stepped forward and alleged Thomas had sexually harassed her and created a hostile work environment.The Senate Judiciary Committee convened a hearing that lasted several weeks, and ended with Thomas's acquittal, but his reputation was damaged. The Judiciary Committee was unable to agree how to advise the Senate, resulting in the candidate's nomination being sent to the floor with no recommendation.Justice Thomas was narrowly confirmed by a vote of 52-48 on October 15, 1991.