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The name of Elizabeth Zane is inseparably associated with the history of one of the most memorable incidents in the annals of border warfare. The most reliable account of it is that prepared by Mr. Kiernan for the "American Pioneer," a Cincinnati journal devoted to sketches relative to the early settlement of the country. In this a full history is given of the establishment of Fort Fincastle - afterwards called Fort Henry, in honor of Patrick Henry - under the superintendence of Ebenezer Zane and John Caldwell.

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Elizabeth 'Betty' Zane was an American revolutionary war heroine. She died on August 23, 1823 in Martins Ferry, Ohio and is buried there.

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Q: Where did Elizabeth Zane die?
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What year was Elizabeth Zane die?

Betty zane died in 1823

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betty zane died of old age

What year did Elizabeth Zane die?


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she died of suffercation

When did Elizabeth Zane die?

August 23, 1823

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Elizabeth 'Betty' Zane was born on July 19, 1765 and passed away on August 23, 1823. She is considered a heroine of the American Revolutionary War.

When did Betty Zane die?

Betty Zane died in 1823.